Dhat syndrome

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Dhat girna in English

Dhat syndrome

Debilitating psychosomatic disorder in boys of Indian subcontinent.

dhat rog

Usually treated by quacks with बाबा रामदेव आयुर्वेदिक उपचार की पतंजलि दवाइयाँ
घरेलु देसी आयुर्वेदिक उपचार
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प्रभावी हर्बल उपचार
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dhat girna in english
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Dhat rog

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Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment for Semen With Urine, Dhatधातु रोग का असली इलाज 

वीर्य की बर्बादी  

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स्वप्नदोष का देसी घरेलु इलाज और उपाय
धात रोग

धातु रोग (धात) या पेशाब के साथ सफ़ेद पदार्थ गिरने
लिंग की कमजोरी
धातु रोग की दवा पतंजलि

Modern medical science:

Causes and Treatment of Dhat illness

Modern medical science has labeled this as Dhat Syndrome.
ICD-10. F48.8. Dhat syndrome (Sanskrit: धातु दोष, IAST: Dhātu doṣa) is a condition found in the cultures of the Indian subcontinent in which male patients report that they suffer from premature ejaculation or impotence, and believe that they are passing semen in their urine. The condition has no known organic cause.

Searches related to the treatment of dhat disease abound in Indian subcontinent, especially the Northern part of India and neighboring countries.

Semen discharged in wet dreams and masturbation cause terrible debility is the premise of Dhat  Syndrome. The whitish semen like, but not semen, drop that is expelled from the urinary opening noticed prominently while straining when passing stools or before or after passage of urine is a devil that is horribly feared. The boy  develops multiple symptoms that go under the colloquial term kamjori (weakness).

There is no organic pathology for any of the symptoms.

Dhat syndrome: Dhatu rog

Three type of discharges
1. Wet dreams (Swapnadosh) also called nightfall.
2. Masturbation (Hand practice) also called hastamaithun
3. Precum 4. The viscous innocuous discharge of a drop or two from urinary opening
are implicated to cause multiple symptoms.
The debility is narrated as
  • kamjori
  • backache
  • bodyache
  • exhaustion
  • poor memory and concentration
  • looks that are thin
  • face that is bony and lean
  • blackish dull skin below the eyes.
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • The dhat disease is also associated with intense fear
  • of inability to make love in future
  • and
  • incapability to bear children.

One or many of the above symptom picture and extraordinary distress, fear and guilt are prominent features.
To aggravate this hopelessness and helplessness sets in when all treatment claimed as Ayurveda or/and Herbal fail to stop the release of semen (dhat).

As though this was not enough there is dhat discharge in girls as well causing similar symptoms.

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Females too suffer from Dhat syndrome: A case series and revisit of the concept

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Lessons for postgraduate trainees about Dhat syndrome


Dhat syndrome Dhatu rog

The grossly neglected, preventable sexual health problem that presents as crisis in young adolescents goes unaddressed by parents, accredited doctors, social workers, non governmental NGO and governmental agencies.

The treatment: Dhatu rog Dhat syndrome

Educating the boys that even if excess of Dhat (semen) is lost it does not cause any damage or illness ever. The disturbances experienced are psychosomatic manifestations of WRONG belief about loss of excess dhat. The treatment, both preventive and curative is powerfully designed advertisement campaign that educates the boys on sexual organs and their functions.