Paracetamol is a multipurpose medicine. If God would have told me, "You are allowed to take only two medicines on earth. Nothing else. Now Choose." One medicine that I would choose would be Paracetamol. Is it totally safe? Let us know about the precautions.


  • Patients should not use acetaminophen for more than 10 days to relieve pain (five days for children) or for more than three days to reduce fever.
  • kidney or
  • liver disease
  • Because the drug can potentially harm the liver, people who drink alcohol in large quantities should take considerably less acetaminophen and possibly should avoid the drug completely.
  • Smokers may need to take higher doses of the medicine
  • pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Acetaminophen interferes with the results of some medical tests.
  • Acetaminophen can interact with one another drugs.
  • acetaminophen is included in both prescription and non-prescription combinations