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SAMADHAN HEALTH STUDIO, Mumbai, Center of Excellence

Best Sexologist in Mumbai

Dr. Ashok Koparday Samadhan Health Studio

Best Sexologist in Mumbai

फ्रि सेक्स समस्या का इलाज कैसे मिले? डॅाक्टर अशोक कोपर्डे समाधान हेल्थ स्टुडिओ मुंबई

सेक्स समस्या धात का घरेलु इलाज शिग्रपतन लिंग लंबा मोटा करने का तरीका इरेक्शन समस्या फ्री Samadhan Health Studio Best Sexologist in World Dr. Ashok Koparday Free Sex Samasya ka Treatment Kaise Mile

Dr. (Mr.) Ashok Koparday
M.B.B.S., F.C.S.E.P. (International)
Ex. Teaching Faculty

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Dr. Ashok Koparday is practicing over 20 years as Consultant in Psycho-Sexual Medicine & Marriage counselor
Ashok Koparday
Senior Sexologist (Experience 20 years) Consulting Hours:
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Samadhan Health Studio
A1, Namdeep, Barrister Nath Pai Road,
Near Vikrant Circle, Barrister Nath Pai Nagar,
Mumbai , Maharashtra, India400077
Note: Prior Appointment is Essential
Consultant in Sexual Medicine
Call or WhatsApp ONLY at 8 pm
Telephone: 02225060061
Mobile: +91 9867788877

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